Our safety program is embedded in our company culture and, while we have demonstrated an excellent safety record over the years, we recognize that safety must be reinforced on a daily basis to remain successful. Our commitment to send each person home safely every day requires participation from all personnel. This dedication to safety directly contributes to the well-being and productivity of our people and the overall success of our projects.

All new personnel receive an orientation to our safety policy and general rules, followed by additional safety training as necessary. All of our project superintendents are OSHA 10 trained and are also required to attend six additional safety classes out of the 20 that we provide. Our Alcohol and Drug Program has been in effect since 1990 and applies to all Deacon Corp. employees, in addition, our superintendents, foremen and engineers are required to be certified in First Aid / CPR.

Each office has a full-time safety director and some locations have multiple individuals whose primary responsibility is safety. This staff works in conjunction with all our field personnel to provide training, prevent accidents and keep our construction sites safe.

Our project specific safety plans are developed for each project and Job Hazard Analysis reports are used to analyze specific tasks and prevent dangerous situations. Subcontractors hold their own weekly safety meetings and their site supervisors are required to attend Deacon Corp.’s weekly safety meetings to ensure that site specific safety concerns are communicated to all parties.