Since 1988, we have focused on Multifamily housing. Over the years, these housing projects have included apartments, military and student housing, condominiums and low-income housing.

We also work on mixed-use projects, combining housing with office or retail and frequently underground parking.

Originally founded by Jim Reilly, Bob Olsen and Bob Hall in 1979 as J.R. Roberts Corp., we have managed and constructed numerous projects with a total value of nearly three billion dollars. In 1981, the founders of J.R. Roberts Corp. and Steve Deacon formed Deacon Corp. Upon their retirement in 2006, the trio saw their company come full circle as it merged with Deacon Corp. to become J.R. Roberts/Deacon and join the Deacon Corp. family of companies. Our portfolio includes projects of various sizes and complexity such as multifamily housing, multi-story office buildings, mixed-use projects, auto dealerships, fitness facilities, courthouse buildings, sport stadiums and schools. Our dedication to surpassing client expectations, ability to handle diverse and difficult projects, financial strength and competitive pricing have made our companies industry leaders.